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Now a day’s company’s researchers, use new kinds of artificial intelligence software to change over the faces of the actors. People and actors are having an instant look over the changeover. In recent times, researchers had created hundreds of videos with changes in bodies and faces which are so-called deepfake videos. By creating these digitally manipulated deepfake videos with spreading disinformation, Google’s scientists decided to learn how to spot deepfakes.

Google released several deepfake videos to help researchers to build tools that use artificial intelligence to spot altered videos, which could initiate political misinformation, corporate sabotage, or cyber bullying. The Videos developed by Google could be used to create technology which provides the hope of catching deepfakes. As YouTube or Facebook and other social media platforms are places to spread fake video or image, so the internet companies like Google, are immediate in finding tools to spot deepfakes. Technology will only be part of the solution. Beside, deepfakes will most likely improve faster than detection methods and to overcome that human intelligence and expertise will be needed to identify misleading videos for the predictable future. Advances in machine learning have made it easy to automatically capture a person’s character and Swap it onto someone else. That’s made it relatively simple to create fake porn, odd movie mashups, and demos that point to the potential for political disruption.

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