Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing in Digital Marketing

The population today is too much into the internet and social media. According to the survey, it is stated that an average person spends almost 3.5 lakhs minutes on the internet and social media throughout his lifespan. As the dependency on technology is continuously rising these days the scope of Digital Marketing is also increasing at a high rate. Well, now it is acknowledged that Digital Marketing has a wide scope in the current scenario. But without making regular efforts and creativity nothing can last long in this world. Hence, today we find various trends and creative advancements in Digital Marketing notably considered. Out of all the advancements the most favoured development is the steady growth of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing.

If you think that shortly you don’t even have to lift your finger to do any work and all your work will be done by robots and artificial intelligence, maybe you are thinking right. There will be times when Robots will be found in everyone’s home like we find mobile phones these days.

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